Belfast SSE Arena


Mrs Brown’s Boys are coming to Belfast in December 2017 at the SSE Arena.

Good Mourning Mrs Brown is on tour throughout the UK, Northern Ireland and Ireland in 2017 and the whole gang will be in Belfast from Thursday 7 through to Saturday 9 December. All three days will have evening performances with an additional matinee show on the Saturday.

Brendan O’Carroll has struck comedy gold with his creation Mrs Brown, following years of hard graft, putting together stage shows until getting the big break on BBC after self financed videos established him a cult following.


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Good Mourning Mrs Brown Tour Dates for Belfast SSE Arena

  • Belfast SSE Arena – Thursday 7 December 2017
  • Belfast SSE Arena – Friday 8 December 2017
  • Belfast SSE Arena – Saturday 9  December 2017 – Matinee
  • Belfast SSE Arena – Saturday 9  December 2017 – Evening